The Initiator provides DIRECTION during team collaboration.

The Processor provides REFLECTION during team collaboration.

The Supporter provides AFFIRMATION during team collaboration.

The Challenger offers QUESTIONS during team collaboration.

The Decide/Commit mode is the stage during collaboration when there has been adequate discussion and “ah-ha moments” to move toward a meaningful conclusion. This signals commitment time.

Blue Sky mode is the classic brainstorming time where it is critical to generate a great volume of ideas while delaying judgment or critique.

Team Dynamics Will Never Be The Same

Does your leadership team debate, disagree, discuss, dump—or do you dialogue?  The group dynamics of a team can make or break your effectiveness as a leader.   Imagine what could happen in your ministry if you could lubricate your team’s communication skills.  The Collaboration Cube engages teams in such a way that the energy and synergy of the team is multiplied, resulting in often unprecedented unified decision-making.  Read More