The Story of the Cube

As we worked with church leadership teams across the country, we were struck by the unhealthy communication and collaboration dynamics with which many teams interact regularly.  It was clear that this was, more often than not, because teams simply had never learned how to develop great collaborative teams. At Auxano, we see the fruits of intentional collaboration in all of the churches and ministries we serve. We asked ourselves, “How can we enhance collaboration in our consulting process, and at the same time empower teams by integrating healthy communication into their leadership culture?”  Because our approach, when working with leadership teams, is to engage individuals deeply in the process by making it “experiential,”  we felt that a simple hands-on tool could help teams not only capture the basics of  synergistic collaboration but reinforce it during every meeting they have. 

The Collaboration Cube is the result of our own Blue Sky, Discuss/Challenge and Decide/Commit collaboration.  Ideas for the tool ranged from popsicle sticks, to ping pong paddles, to a colored hat – but in the end, the cube with representative images won the day.  After multiple iterations of titles for each side, as well as image designs,  we landed on one set that clearly communicated the roles and that teams resonated with as well.  We hope that you enjoy using this tool as you and your team discover that collaboration and decision making can actually be productive and fun!